10 Bestselling Smartphones of 2018 Across the World Listed by Counterpoint

The smartphone Sector saw a decline in the past year.

Smartphone firms had a good first half 2018 and some were able to hit peaks, but the second half of this year was the specific opposite for the business. Because of the international economic downturn, people refrained from buying new smartphone and manufacturers had to adjust to the decrease demand. Even Apple went for cost corrections with all the iPhone to help generate interest from the smartphone. Now, Counterpoint Research has published a list of those top-selling smartphones of 2018, globally, and we have some astonishing versions on the list, like the iPhone X.

As we mentioned, Counterpoint has generated a list of bestselling smartphones worldwide in 2018, giving us a glimpse of what individuals throughout the planet bought annually. The iPhone X topped the list closely followed by the iPhone 8 along with the iPhone 8 Plus. Especially, there are six mobiles from Apple on the top ten record which is interesting thinking about the high price of these smartphones. Apple had previously this week mentioned that price corrections helped it achieve improved results in India and China at Q1 2019.

The comparatively older iPhone 7 remains on the listing and manages to bag the fourth place right behind the iPhone 8 Plus. Apple makes an appearance back on the list with the newer iPhone XS Max as well as also the iPhone XR in the eighth and seventh spot respectively.

Xiaomi additionally makes it to the listing with the Redmi 5A at the fifth place. Samsung’s Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plusalong with the Galaxy J6 secure the 6th, 9th, and 10th spot on the record, respectively.

Counterpoint also revealed that a list of the top 10 tablets in China which is very different in the global list. The China list only has two mobiles from Apple but is dominated by Oppo tablets. Oppo has 5 telephones on the record followed by Vivo and Apple having two spots each.