BMW’s brand new 6-series Gran Turismo created its public debut at the Frankfurt motor show this season. The more attractive profile, the more sportier driving dynamics and higher quality interiors will be the attraction and will be exactly what BMW expects to entice customers with.

Air suspension will likely be regular for India and we will also obtain variable dampers and active anti-roll pubs too. That is an option of rear-wheel steering to the car driven here, however it isn’t clear if it will allow it to India.

Unlike the normal 5-series, it is ultimate ride comfort that is in sharp focus, not handling and grip. Nonetheless, in a bid to boost stability and upward efficiency, BMW has also utilized plenty of aero tricks on this car. The 6 GT employs an active air compressor in the grille, and you will find air curtains and ‘L’-shaped breathers before their front doors. This is to counter the wing-like profile of the car and interrupts the lift made by the curved upper body along with the horizontal, encapsulated underbody.

Importantly, for India, the car also gets a lift quality that increases ground clearance by 20mm shortly after you hit the button; so many speed breakers and badly designed driveways ought to not be any issue.

What is interesting is that the 6-series GT rides on the exact same 3,070millimeter wheelbase as the typical 7-series (the more L version sold in India is more still) and is of the identical width. And fold the 40:20:40 split back seat down electrically and you receive a massive 1,800 litres of luggage space.

A lot of the gawkiness of this earlier 5 GT was fixed with this new design. The 6 GT includes a more steeply raked windscreen; the roofing flows across the cabin in a more tasteful fashion, the absolute length of the car helps give it lots of existence and those big re LED tail-lights make it seem quite fetching in the back too. The 6 GT also has the 5-series-like nose, with headlight pods garnished with the grille. Along with the muscle surface treatment of this new 5-series is observed here too.

What is it like on the inside?
First impressions on seeing the inside of those 6 GT are extremely positive. The cabin is enormous and incredibly spacious, and quality levels are much better than those of the 5-series. The amount of craftsmanship, the feature-rich cabin and also the feeling of distance assist deliver a feeling of lavish comfort nearly immediately. There is, though, a bit of déjà vu if you examine the dashboard, since the majority of the components here are out of the 5 and the 7, which is a bit of a shame, since the 6 GT lacks the freshness that the new exterior design warrants.

Front chairs are simply massive, finished in the highest quality leather, they offer fantastic shoulder support and a lot of thigh support, also since the steering wheel has a wide selection of adjustment, so it is quite simple to find a comfortable driving position. Front chairs will also be vented and find a massage function. And that which also adds to the feeling of roominess is that, the distance between the chairs is also a whole lot greater compared to 5-series.

Legroom in the back isn’t quite as extravagant as the long-wheelbase E- course and the backrest does not recline up to either, however, the 6 GT scores in different regions. The extended rear door can help you fall right into the back seat (unlike the E in which you need to get in and then go back), the chair base is a fair bit higher and since you’re able to recline the backrest electrically, finding the right angle to you is quite easy too. And even though the E-class includes a bit more, there is more than sufficient legroom here.

Aside from the opulence of this leather-lined and padded dash, the 6GT also receives a complete suite of BMW’s current goodies. You obtain a screen-based instrument panel, a big high-resolution touchscreen, gesture control, surround view detectors, remote parking, 10-inch displays for your rear-seat passengers, a 1400-watt Bowers & Wilkins audio system, and also the ability to produce a WiFi hotspot. While it isn’t apparent which of those features will be regular and which will be optional, recall BMW has to carry on Merc’s 350d, therefore expect the car to be generously loaded.

What is it like to drive?
There is a suppleness to the springs which simply does not get mad over even some quite serious rough patches; the 6 GT remains flat above most horizontal joints and perhaps even sharp-edged lumps are dealt with quite nicely. Yes, at times, and above big larger lumps, the car does pitch marginally, however all you’ve got to do then is move to ‘Comfort’, and body control tightens up nicely again.

Comfort style, in reality, offers an extremely healthy mix of imperiously silent ride and adequate agility, and it’s this manner I favor even if driving along some quick expressways.

The car offers exceptional directional stability; it functions willingly into corners and although there is a bit of roster once you change direction, it seems really nicely balanced; it’s a joy to drive briskly.

It is also possible to up the speed and revel in driving the 6 GT a bit tougher too. The rear-wheel steering system helps deliver a great deal of agility too, but here, as everywhere in which the installation was implemented nicely, you truly can not tell where and when the machine comes in.

What you could make out is that body roll is decreased. The 6 GT seems far more streamlined in ‘Sport’ — it rolls less, even on the tighter material, and agility is really pretty great. Naturally, this is not any 3-series, and it does not pretend to be one, but besides a more feelsome steering and also a bit more bite in the front end, it actually is quite pleasurable to drive, and more importantly, a definite step up from the long-wheelbase E-class.

In India, we’re likely to acquire the 30d, exactly the exact same 265hp, 3.0-litre turbocharged-diesel inline six which powers the 5-series too. In conventional rear-wheel-drive guise, it may perform the 0-100kph sprint in 6.1sec, which is a lot quick and just marginally slower compared to a similarly specified 5-series. And you may anticipate all of the smoothness and mid-range punch you become in the 5 too.

The engine we’ve got with us, nevertheless, is your 40i, the gas six, with 340hp, and also the power and punch to coincide. Needless to state, the driving experience is simply fantastic. Beneath 3,000rpm, you simply hear the motor if you really strain your ears, and every time I hit the accelerator, I can not help marvel at just how smooth and creamy it seems. I push down the throttle while cruising at about 80kph along with also the 6 GT only vaults forward, riding a tide of torque and power, accelerating rapidly. Along with the excellent bit is that the power just keeps on coming and coming all of the way to the 6,600rpm redline. In reality, when the engine is on tune, this 1.8- tonne car feels exceptionally potent and even light on its toes, with speeds of 180 as well as 190kph spanned nearly nonchalantly. BMW does not promote a six-cylinder gas in the five anymore, so this could be a fantastic addition to the scope, if the situation existing itself sometime in the future.

Can I purchase one?
When the 6 GT starts in 2018, it’ll be a part of a two-pronged assault about the long-wheelbase Mercedes E-class, with all the 5-series sedan offering an attractive price on one end, along with the brand new 6 GT offering distance on the opposite.

Yes, the sticker price does seem a bit steep, but there is little doubt: with all the 6 GT, you receive a whole lot of car for the money. Attractive, very comfy to sit it and beautifully equipped, the 6 GT rides nicely, drives well and offers a complete experience that is a clear step up from the 5- series. The E-class might have a bit more legroom on the inside and the back seat might be marginally more comfortable too, but one thing’s for certain, the 6 GT is clearly a secondhand car that scores well in virtually every area.