491 prepaid recharge package to Rs. 499 in under a week of its launching. The Rs. 491 Jio strategy was launched as a member of this Diwali tariff revision also comes with bundled 91GB data and other freebies that the provider offers. In reality, it is the strategy with the maximum validity with 1GB daily information allocation in 91 days that the operator is offering right now. The program was priced at Rs. 491 till Monday, but this morning that the tariff was revised to Rs. 499. The increase is marginal but it is not clear what prompted the revision for this particular program, and there wasn’t any official statement regarding the same.

The is the next iteration for its Jio Rs. 499 strategy — that the original came with 2GB 4G information every day and was a part of their original roster of programs once the company began operations this past year. It had been phased out as soon as the firm introduced the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer, giving exactly the very same benefits at Rs. 499.

At the Moment, the Jio Rs. 499 program (or even the Rs. 491 package) is not mentioned about the official Jio website in its list of programs for prepaid users. Instead, subscribers will need to go to the MyJio program or the recharge section of their official site in order to purchase the Rs. 499 plan.

509 plans, even though it doesn’t appear to be as attractive as the other two. 459 Jio program comes with 84GB information for 84 days, a difference of seven days invalidity and Rs. 40. The Rs. 509 program provides 2GB information every day for 49 days. All 3 programs include with freebies the provider offers, like the free calls and SMSes and accessibility to Jio programs.

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The strategy was started as a member of the October 19 tariff revision which saw new prepaid programs being introduced, while postpaid programs saw their validities curtailed. The post-FUP speed across programs has also been decreased from 128kbps to 64kbps as part of the revision.