Have you hired a Marketing or PR firm, or one that does both? While the plan they have for you might be essentially okay, but soon enough you’d find yourself piled up in all but a bunch of emails from the firm and a whole lots of pills pending from the marketing firm. Do you then end up questioning yourself “where are the results?”

With consultants, result is the say of the day. In most professional area, results are quick and easy to approximate. With a lawyer, the result is immediate – either guilty or innocent. The paperwork too is either legal or it isn’t. There is no in between. On hiring a CPA, on getting the tax return or other documents done, the product is much visible to you. But when talking of PR and marketing, the case can be at odds. While that brochure or new website is much there, the reason you got it done for isn’t quite accomplished. It is not necessary that you see the increase in business immediately. Moreover, the question then is that is the success due to your marketing team?

To evaluate the performance of the marketing term, there is bunch of certain parameters to be considered.

1. It is essential for the firm to learn and know not just about your organization but the industry you are working in. While they may not have spent 3 months on it, it is essential that they have spent some time atleast. To know the client is the stepping stone to begin working on a new campaign.

2. Has the firm undertaken an action plan? For communication industry specifically, there has to be a plan of action. It is necessary that the firm first understands your product/service, your target audience and desired goals and only they shall it recommend tactics to help achieve the targets.

3. Does the firm follow a similar plan for all its clients or is it providing you a regular flow of creative ideas formulated for your business in particular? Marketing is simply not one set of ideas setting in every background. It requires serious work along with creativity and vision. The firm may not help you rule out competition if they are not providing you with fresh ideas at regular intervals. Marketing is thus ever evolving ideas to bring in success.

4. While you may be seeing certain increase in the business and number of clients, it may not be only due to the marketing tactics. The website traffic and the phone calls going up may be attributed to other reasons as much. Hence, it is essential you question people how they came to know about you to ensure if it is the marketing model that is working.

5. The intuition counts a great deal. Are you seeing yourself see sudden fame and success from this marketing campaign? Do you see yourself gain recognition? While statistics may not speak of it highly, you’ll feel and observe the difference when the marketing plan is working.

A marketing firm is an important decision you are making for your business. You do not want to spend all that effort and money on a firm that won’t add to your business.