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Those who normally excel in life have learned that by developing a positive approach to the things they want or need to accomplish are more likely to succeed. There is just something about the power of a positive thought process that pushes even the most daunting task forward to a successful completion at light speed.
If you wander through life with a negative approach to the situations you encounter, you’ll find it very difficult to find true success because your ability to network with people will be greatly diminished. I mean, who wants to associate with a negative person? The thoughts and emotions you generate each day not only influence you but they also affect those around you. Negativity is catching but so is being positive.
Goal setting within the corporate structure is more likely to be successful if the team is made up of positive thinkers. A positive work environment will outperform negative work environments and optimistic sales people always sell more than the pessimists. In today’s challenging business environment, it has never been more important to be as positive as possible. Many people equate optimistic thinking to visualization; an attitude that is conducive to growth rather than decline.
I’ve known many managers who believe they aren’t doing their job effectively unless the people they are charged with managing are “afraid” of them. Although, some people think positive people are “too nice” or as having no back bones, I have found that it is just the opposite. Positive people seem to know the true spirit of living in today’s world and how to treat the people around them; they know the true meaning of the proverbial Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated.
A recent article in BusinessWeek magazine implored managers in the American business community to start being positive or risk the loss of their corporate direction. It discussed how it is the manager’s responsibility to positively encourage the team so they can “overcome the negative currents” of today’s challenging business environment. Because of the recession, more people are, of course, concerned about whether they will be able to keep their job and because of this dynamic, in many cases, their productivity has dropped off dramatically. It has never been more important for the leadership of American business to be as positive as possible. A positive team produces more efficiently and misses fewer days on the job. Face it, if you enjoy what you do, you’ll definitely want to do it more often.
Each day of our lives we are faced with situations that could be emotionally destructive and could generate negative feelings. Things such as a morning traffic jam or a flat tire might trigger negative emotions that can ruin the rest of your day. The trick is to distinguish between the major situations we all face in life versus the minor irritations and put them in the proper perspective so we can cope with them in a positive manner.
Positive thinkers tend to handle small and large problems fairly well while negative thinkers allow the small situations to adversely affect how they handle the more important events in life. Very rarely do we meet someone who is either all positive or all negative; there is some of each in all of us. But we sure can recognize the person who has persuasive tendencies in either direction. Some people are just more optimistic than others, and vice versa.
As a manager, you can start to improve and develop your team’s performance on the job by avoiding the dangers of negative thinking. It will help build an effective staff that will produce more and positively affect the overall job performance of your organization. Positive thinking has never been more important; begin moving in that direction today.