Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Now before I get to the advantages of going to college on-campus instead of online let me clear one thing up: I go to college online! But, then again I’m a single mom raising 3 children, working full-time and going back to school. However, when my oldest son was ready for college there was no question in my mind– he was going to college away from home.

Why? Because a whole lot of a young adult’s college education takes place outside of the classroom. To that end, here are 8 disadvantages of distance learning… 8 things that you will miss out on if you don’t attend college on campus.

  1. Meet and Greet

The old, “I’m going to college to meet my future wife/husband” doesn’t really apply these days – or does it? You might not be searching for someone to put a ring on your finger, but it’s a definite possibility that you’ll meet a great date, a future co-worker, a lifelong friend, an inspirational professor or someone else who will impact your life. College is a time to improve your social skills and expand your network to include individuals who come from different upbringings. Relish the opportunity to make new friends and potential future professional connections.

  1. Learn to Juggle

We’re not talking about joining a circus here – we’re talking about your time. You’ll think that your teachers are out to get you by scheduling papers, speeches and exams at the same time; however, this will improve your organizational skills. Staying up all night writing a paper builds character (whether it’s because you decided to go to the football game, play a Wiki bowling tournament in the dorm or recover from your stressful psych class – all weekend).

  1. Love it and Hate it

From cafeteria food to ancient civilizations, college basketball to your roommate’s smoking, “Wuthering Heights” to 24-hour convenience stores, you’ll determine your likes and dislikes. If you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up as a freshman, you’ll at least know what you don’t want to be when you graduate! The best part of all this great knowledge is that you’ll become a well-rounded, freethinking individual.

  1. Balance your Check book

Alright, check books are a bit outdated. How about balance your online bank statement? Here’s your chance to really prove that you can manage your money – or at least figure out a way to survive another week on $20. It’s amazing how different spending is when it’s your money (unless you’re still completely supported by your parents, in which case, enjoy it)!

  1. Choose your Schedule

Unless you’re already the CEO of your own company and can wake up when you please, the luxury of choosing your own schedule is truly that – a luxury. Not a morning person? Want to start your weekend on Thursday? You’re the boss. In college, you have the freedom to choose your schedule, allowing you to decide when and where you take classes.

  1. Speak and Listen

You’ll be surrounded by intelligent people who are truly experts in their fields. You’re also paying them to teach you, so you might as well listen. Also, a college classroom is much more of an open forum than your high school classroom. Learn to craft an argument and speak your mind!

  1. Pick Up and Leave

Whether you’re moving from your parent’s basement to the dorm 5 minutes away or you’re moving across the country, any move is great. In either case, you’ll work on your independence. Maybe the school 1,300 miles away isn’t for you, but if it is – more power to you. Take advantage of the fact that you can get to know a new city for 4 years. Who knows, it just might end up being your permanent residence.

  1. Brighten your Future

What are your personal goals? A successful job? To learn new languages or be part of a book club? To play sports after high school? All of these goals are attainable and will add something unique to your story. College will brighten your future by allowing you to grow. It will shape the person you become.