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A musical career could be a rewarding option for the musically gifted. Students get an opportunity to improve their skills and gain practical experience at the school of music to help build their careers.
Schools of music all around the globe, offer courses in different aspects of music. London Music School is the most famed school of music in Europe. The London Music School is located in London Central and offers contemporary musical courses in audio and music technology and sound engineering. London Music School is well-known as the leading music school or more than 20 years now.
The school of music offers professional courses for musicians wishing to hone their skills and further their careers, as well as courses for musical enjoyment for music lovers in general.
If you enjoy working with music or processing music, you can enroll in the school of music, which offers courses for disk jockeys, sound engineers, musicians or songwriters. The music industry is not only for performers, record companies and artists.
If you have a basic understanding of computers and you love music, you can study music technology at the school of music. Learn more about writing lyrics and do recording and arranging with various instruments such as keyboards, sax, drums, bass, guitar, and also vocals.
Professional teachers at the school of music will teach you the basic fundamentals of your chosen instrument, as well as music reading, techniques and performance.
You will get to use the newest in computer hardware and software programs to write lyrics and to record and edit music.
Courses offered by the school of music include vocals, instrument playing as well as technical aspects of studio recording and sound arranging.
London Music School boasts two recording studios and is home to The London Recording Studios, which was formerly known as Trevor Horn’s Sarm East Studios, this studio was used by Queen, to write their famous Bohemian Rhapsody there over 4 days. Other famous performers who have recorded there include Madonna and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
Professional musical educators teach at London Music School and they have successful performers, such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Tori Amos, The London Symphony Orchestra, Kylie Minogue, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart, amongst many others.
The School of Sound in London also offers advanced courses in the music business such as production, music technology and audio engineering.
The London School of Sound offers small classes on a part time or a full time basis. Courses could be from a single weekend up to 2 years on full time course. Smaller classes enable better hands-on practical training, whilst giving the students more exposure to musical instruments and equipment.
Students get exposed to professionals in the music world at London’s School of Sound. Recent graduates got to work with Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Sugababes and ex-members of The Beach Boys.
London’s School of Sound offers special packages for courses such as acoustic, Rock and Pop music production and also Dance Music Production.
The London School of Sound offers students a large collection of instruments and equipment that students may use. There are 3 recording studios and 2 live rooms. You will also find 48 track and analogue digital equipment. All equipment is serviced regularly and updated.
You will receive a certificate once you have completed a part time course. A diploma is issued upon successful completion of a full time course, once work experienced is offered.
Free Information packs are available from The London School of Sound, which also offers easy payment terms. The London School of Sound accessible from anywhere in London and has disabled access.