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Alienware is a Miami-based computer manufacturer famed for its high end gaming machines such as the M11x 3D laptop. It is a fully owned subsidiary of computer giant Dell Inc. Its laptops and desktop products often feature outlandishly styled cases and top end components, often with price tags to match.
Although termed a manufacturer, Alienware simply take components manufactured by third party companies such a Gigabyte and Intel and assembles them into the finished products.
Although primarily aimed at the PC gaming fraternity, thanks to the high specification nature of the components used, Alienware computers are suitable for other intense applications such as editing high-definition video, audio production and graphics work. They could therefore be considered as a good alternative to an Apple iMac or MacBook for such tasks.
Although Alienware customers are free to choose their gaming PC peripherals such as headsets, mice and keyboards, they offer their own branded products to fill this niche. Despite bearing Alienware branding, these components are usually re-branded items that are manufactured by other companies.
The beginnings of Alienware
The company was founded in 1996 in order to cater for gamers who demanded the ultimate in high-end machines. At the time the big manufacturers such as Dell and HP didn’t offer true gaming PC’s, with those looking for such machines having to source individual components and build the rigs themselves.
As technology developed, Alienware found another gap in the market for notebook or laptop based gaming machines, something which wasn’t offered by the big names. Due to the bespoke nature of notebook computers, a self build by the enthusiast wasn’t an option in this sector.
Their distinctive science-fiction based styling also made the company stand out from the beige boxes usually offered by the big names at the time.
Dell Takeover
Dell took over the company in 2006 and has run it as a subsidiary ever since, leaving Alienware free to develop M11x gaming laptops and other such products whilst enjoying the buying power and technical expertise of such a large and respected technology company. Not only this, but Alienware products were only sold in six countries prior to the takeover, but with Dell’s supply chain they are now offered in 45 countries around the world.
Manufacture of Alienware gaming computers takes place in its traditional base in Miami, Florida and also at the Dell facility in County Westmeath, Ireland.
At the time of the takeover, Dell offered a range of gaming machines branded as XPS. Over the following years, keen not to hurt its new acquisitions sales, the Dell XPS range changed its focus from purely gaming PC’s to a general high end offering. Now the XPS range offers 3D screens and Blu-ray drive to mark them as high end products.