Amazon Adds Antenna Service for Satellite Data; Courts Space said on Tuesday it was starting a new antenna service for Downloading and Uploading Information from satellites, in a bid to lure Distance industry and other customers to the cloud.

The entire world’s No. 1 cloud computing company said it was aiming to make data transfers from space more economical and easier through 12 antennas that will enable direct transmission to its data centers across the globe.

Amazon stated the capacity would be accessible to AWS clients in the government or regulated businesses, a vital area for the organization because it calls for a $10 billion (roughly Rs. 70,800 crores) contract with the US Department of Defence.

“It is not so simple dealing with satellites if you actually wish to be able to upload and download information,” explained Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services’ chief executive. He had been in Las Vegas to announce the service, which he called a”total game changer for how people can interact with satellites.”

Amazon’s founder and largest shareholder, Jeff Bezos, is well-known for his interest in the final frontier, and he independently owns space firm Blue Origin.

In September, Reuters noted that AWS was in talks with Chile to house and mine huge amounts of data generated by the nation’s telescopes. The company already supplies a cloud platform to the Hubble Telescope’s information along with the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Australia.