AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs in Laptops Will Now Get Regular Radeon Vega GPU Driver Updates

AMD has fulfilled a promise to bring its Ryzen Mobile APUs under the umbrella of its regular Radeon Software Motorist and Attribute Upgrades.

Prior to this, laptops with AMD Rryzen Mobile APUs could only acquire drivers via laptop manufacturers, that are not as ordinary as AMD and other component manufacturers are when it comes to supporting and distributing upgrades. In response to growing customer protests online, AMD promised in November 2018 to work with laptop manufacturers to ensure at least two upgrades annually. While still much behind the normal pace at which drivers are released for desktop GPUs, this was at least an improvement.

Back in January this year, AMD CEO Lisa Su announced at her CES 2019 keynote that future Radeon Software updates will be released for Ryzen Mobile APUs. This was compared to the November announcement , published about the AMD subreddit, which put the onus of driver upgrades entirely on laptop makers. At the time, AMD said”It is crucial to see that our graphics drivers are generally tailored to specific OEM platforms, so releasing generic APU images drivers around all AMD Ryzen mobile processor-based cellular systems could result in less-than-ideal user experiences.”

Now, it seems as though those issues have been surmounted, or AMD agreed with user opinions about the Reddit thread which using drivers which are more than a year out of date is already a less-than-ideal encounter. The brand new driver’s release notes state”We’ve assessed all customer feedback/concerns, and think we can offer a unified driver for the AMD platforms in marketplace, and have delivered to the requests of our community.”

AMD still urges that users pick the drivers released by device manufacturers first, either directly or via Windows Update. This is unlikely to prevent fans from making sure that they have the most recent drivers directly from AMD.

The newly released Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition, variant 19.2.3, will deliver all Ryzen Mobile APUs up thus far. Does the launch contain updated drivers, but users will also be able to use the Radeon Settings program that allows for all kinds of control over a Radeon GPU, including resolution scaling, worldwide and per-game optimisations, match compatibility recommendations, performance monitoring, automatic updates, and also the AMD Link mobile app. Further, AMD says that Ryzen Mobile users may expect bug fixes, and a typical 10 percent performance improvement. The driver is believed to deliver up to 17 percent greater performance in esports names particularly, when compared with this Ryzen Mobile launch driver, version number 17.40.