Andhra Pradesh Assures Citizens Their Personal Data Is Safe

It stated all safeguards were set up for information protection and explained the procedures followed for information storage and protection were consistent with the prevailing Acts.

Police claimed the company had illegal access to personal information of taxpayers and it had been using the exact same for an program developed for TDP cadres to assist them in voter profiling in perspective of consequent elections.

Vijayanand, nevertheless, stated that the authorities so as to take full advantage of Aadhaar-based software for the benefit of its own citizens, connected virtual IDs of households including the socio-economic specifics along with the demographics together with the taxpayers’ approval.

The repository of the data is known as’People’s Hub’ and also the process of collecting information is known as’Praja Saadhikara Survey’ or’Smart Pulse Survey’ that is a continuous action.

He explained the whole action was compliant with all Aadhaar Act 2016 and the information was used just for the purpose advised to the taxpayers.

He explained’People’s Hub’ information wasn’t available online and it may be employed by the enrolled government bureaus for the specified functions. The information is encrypted and saved at the servers of State Data Centre (SDC) possessed by the state authorities.

To maintain a vigil on almost any unauthorised attempts to get government servers, the use of information and tracking trades, the authorities setup AP Cyber Security Operations Centre (APCSOC), stated Vijayanand.

“The information can’t be obtained by unauthorised bureaus and any use of information could be tracked using the cyber-security experience housed in APCSOC. Nobody may access the information without even leaving a trace,” he explained.