Image result for apple Increases App Download Limit to 200MB

However, from time to time, the limitation imposed on downloading articles over cellular data may prove to be somewhat too less. At least 150MB seems just like you. Apple has realised exactly the same, also has improved the App Store’s mobile data download limit by 150MB to 200MB. This signifies is iPhone users are now able to download updates or apps of around 200MB in size in the App Store using mobile information.

The previous time Apple improved the download limitation over cellular data was again back in 2017, once the download limit was upped from 100MB to 150MB. Prior to this, the conventional limitation was 100MB ever because iOS 7 came.

Luckily, Apple has again improved the App Store’s download limit above mobile data, ahead of WWDC 2019, in which the provider is forecast to lift the addresses out of iOS 13. We’ve analyzed the shift and can confirm the 200MB download limitation is currently live for iPhone users.

While Apple hasn’t revealed the reason for the growth in download limitation, it’s probably because of programs growing in size through time, along with the size of upgrades for heavy games that frequently cross this threshold. While the increment isn’t too large, it’s surely a welcome one.

We expect that Apple someday eliminates the download limit completely. In its place, Apple must implement a multi-step protocol to be certain users do not accidentally download a huge file and burn a hole in their pocket having inflated info statements from their own carrier.