Apple’s Elderly iPhones would N’t longer Comprise lightning-to-headphone jack adapters, the Organization’s website Revealed on Thursday, which Based on Barclays would Harm audio chip Provider Cirrus Logic.Apple May Stop Bundling Lightning-to-Headphone Adapter With Older iPhone Models: Barclays

Shares of Cirrus, which makes analogue chips used in Apple devices, dropped 3.8 per cent to $39.46 (roughly Rs. 2,800). In fiscal 2018, Apple accounted for about 81% of Cirrus overall sales.

Comparing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 pages from last week to today, Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis wrote in a note he’d found that Apple”will remove the dongle from the whole suite of phones.”

“While CRUS did admit the dongle was outside in current generations, it is an extra negative that they are also removing the dongle in the old products,” Curtis explained.

Apple introduced new iPhones, such as its largest-ever iPhone and a watch which detects heart troubles on Wednesday.