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As we all know, Kerala, the southernmost state of India is a land known for its wide network of tranquil backwaters. These backwaters are often regarded as the lifeline of Kerala and plays a pivotal role in the life of Keralites.
With the gradual passage of time, several pastoral villages and urban cities has developed on the banks of these placid backwaters. Even tourism industry of Kerala revolves around these beautiful backwaters. Both state government and various private tour operators arranges several fabulous tour operators keeping in view these backwaters.
Some of the finest Kerala backwater destinations are:
Alappuzha Backwater:Famous as the “Venice of East”, Alappuzha is a fantastic backwater destination in Kerala. Previously known as Alleppey, this beautiful land is surrounded waterways and canals. Alappuzha serves as the starting point and ending point of several fantastic backwater cruises. Every year on the occasion of Onam festival, exciting Snake boat races are organised here.
Kollam Backwater:Located 71 km north of Thiruvananathapuram, Kollam is another alluring backwater destination of Kerala. The most noticeable factor of this town is Asatashthamudi Lake, that encompasses around 30 % of Kollam town. The backwaters which extend from this lake are really beautiful. While your trip to Kollam, enroll yourself into a delightful boat ride upto Alappuzha, which takes only 8 hours.
Kumarakom Backwater:Kumarkom is a cluster of islands on the picturesque Vembanad lake. Most of the islands are now turned into tourist resorts which provides world class facilities and ayurveda treatments. While sailing through the channels and waterways of Kumarakom, you will get the opportunity to witness various shades of green from mangrove trees to coconut groves and vast paddy fields along with rare water birds of Vembanad Bird Sanctuary. Kumarakom is located just 15 km from Kottayam and 75 km from Cochin.
Thiruvallam Backwater: Last but not the least, Thiruvallam is another popular Kerala backwater destination. Situated just 6 km from Thiruvananathapuram, Thiruvallam offers excellent opportunity for canoe rides. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of countryside and tourist attractions with these boat rides. While your trip to Thiruvallam, don’t forget to visit ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Parshurama.
So, immediately plan a trip to any of these Kerala backwater destinations.