Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd In-the-Ear Headphones Launched in India at Rs. 6,999

Beyerdynamic has Generally been Famous for its Operational styling and performance-oriented products, but recent Decades have seen the Firm take a different approach.

The brand new range is more lifestyle-oriented, looking to reach a larger audience of consumers that seek everyday audio products. The latest in this range is your Beyerdynamic Spirit Byrd, a mid-tier pair of in-the-ear headphones that’s currently available for Rs. 6,999 on top online retailers. The Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd is a wired in-ear headset using a 3.5millimeter plug for connectivity.

When it might encounter as expensive, Beyerdynamic is famous for superior audio tuning and build quality, and is thought of as a premium brand. The Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd is powered by way of lively drivers in a closed-back casing, along with the headset features a frequency response range of 10-25,000Hz. You also get an in-line remote and microphone on the headset, which empowers hands-free calling. The remote is a universal three-button one, also is thought to work with Android and iOS devices.

The Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd weighs just 6 grams, and includes a carry case, five pairs of ear tips of different sizes and a cable clip from the revenue package. The cable length of the product is 1.2m, which is excellent for everyday usage. Although it’s possible to acquire similar products for much less, or receive a wireless headset for around precisely the exact same price, Beyerdynamic’s audio tuning is being pitched as the USP here.

Beyerdynamic has a long history and heritage in the sound production area, having been established in Germany back in 1924. The company currently specialises in cans, and we recently reviewed the Rs. 2,199 Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd, which is among the more affordable products in the Byrd range from the company.