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A few people miss out on paying their cable television bill or their cell phone bill. The reason is we know that when we miss that bill our service is going to be cut off.
However not many people have to worry about that when missing their auto bill or loan. That is why used car and new car dealerships are turning to a new kind of technology is called a car disabler.
A car disabler works by alerting the customer of the car it is about to shut off if the car loan is not paid monthly.
First Warning
Lights on the dashboard as well as dinging sounds will alert the vehicle owner that they are behind on their payment. This is usually enough to annoy car buyers to pony up and pay their bill. And when the bill is paid the annoying lights and sounds will shut off.
Next Action – Disabled
However if that doesn’t do the trick the car disabler has a feature that will shut the car down until payment has been made. Once payment is made the car is activated once again.
This new technology is proving to be quite effective for dealerships looking to make sure their customers pay their bills timely. In the future this technology may become standard on all vehicle purchases from both new car and used car dealerships.
So next time you see a dashboard lighting up its possible the consumer has failed to pay his car loan.