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Chrysler is basically an American based vehicle manufacturer with its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The automobile Chrysler was initially designed at the Chrysler Corporation in year 1925. During the war period, the Chrysler stylists and designers were still busy in coming up with latest and updated designs for the continuation of production. Different kind of styling trends emerged and that began in the right away prewar period and all the other automobile manufacturers were just rushing to get the latest design statements. All these styling elements were elaborated which were used throughout the 1948 season until the year 1949 first-series cars. Later on, the Chrysler engineers designed a modified version of Prestomatic semiautomatic version for the postwar vehicles.
The other prominent features that mainly included were dual-cylinder front wheel brakes along with a gas tank filter. The wood-bodied and Town & Country steel models continued; on the other hand, as an alternative of the prewar models, the ones that came in year 1946 were a four door Sedan and two door changeable styles.
All such modifications were extremely useful for Chrysler as they gave the vehicle with a distinguishing and unique outlook when compared with its rivals. The brand name is growing all around the world and it has been ranked ahead of BMW and right behind Daimler AG. It is one of the largest when it comes to the ‘Big Three’ US auto manufacturers namely General Motors, the Ford Motor Company, and the Chrysler Group. It has been ranked as world’s 13th automobile manufacturer in year 2008.