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Deal or No Deal is a clever concept which seems to have the nation gripped.
22 red boxes all with differing sums of money.
Each round involves the elimination of a number of boxes, 5 in the first round and then 3 in every round after that. In between each round the Banker will offer the contestant a sum of money in order to ‘buy’ the box off the contestant. This offer is primarily dependent on the sums of money that are left and have not been eliminated by the contestant. So, the higher the sums of money still available, the higher the potential offer from the banker.
This is a game that offers a mixture of emotions from both the contestant and the audience alike. From the highs of elimination the 1p box to the lows of finding the £250k. A contestants game came be destroyed in a single round if they happen to find the big sums of money, and invariably they do.
Deal or No Deal has had only 2 successful winners of the £250k who had the nerve to go all the way and found the £250k in their box which they ‘chose at random.’
Other factors as to how an individual plays the game and the decisions they make are down to their personal circumstances. Do they need a sum of money for something specific? In the present financial climate, I feel the majority of contestants would be playing with an air of caution.
And of course, many of the gaming sites have jumped on the Deal or No Deal bandwagon by offering the concept to the many fans of the game. Indeed, you too can experience the highs and lows of Deal or No Deal for yourself.
One such site is Jackpot Joy. The reason why I like this site compared to the others is because it offers it’s customers the facility to play the game for free, unless you are one of those people that would rather the thrill of playing for real money.
Either way, you can check out the game at