In an era where anything and everything is going online, it was only a matter of time till someone cropped up with the idea of content marketing and sure enough ‘’ along with others came up with the much needed service of content writing and tore open the largely untapped sector of content sharing. offers a platform where content writers can meet up with content seekers and offer services in exchange of money. It offers a safe and secure gateway for content and money transfer.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique which focuses on delivering quality content to a particular target audience and thereby ensuring required growth and profit in the competitive markets. Contents that are concise, accurate and consistent with the existing information are key to success.

Does content marketing work?

The answer to this question is not easy. All the good factors of quality content mentioned above can ensure greater chances of better returns in an investment. However no definitive results can be assured as content is just a small jigsaw piece in the complex puzzle of marketing.

Most businesses take a DIY approach to content writing and obviously results in failure as quality content may not be assured. Assigning content writers via platforms like has increased quality of content marketing and many companies report good returns from better content. A study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute ( shows us that:

1) 42% of B2B companies reported a positive growth from content marketing efforts (a hike from the previous year’s 36%).

2) 73% of companies have added a content manager into their ranks to promote a possibility of better ROI.

3) 44% of businesses have recently implemented a documented content strategy.


We have seen two sides of a coin as far as content marketing is concerned. A potential marketing tool that can be a good boost to businesses and can be rendered ineffective if not handled properly .Hence content marketing, when viewed as a revenue generating sector, can generate good ROI with investment of time and essential resources.