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Eco travel is a sustainable travel which is based on the idea of experiencing the balance of nature rather than upsetting it. Our earth is incredibly beautiful place full of rich ecosystems. But over the time the greenery is disappearing and plants and animals are going extinct gradually. That is why our tourism industry practices responsible tourism and foster awareness among the travelers. Eco travel aim at traveling with out disrupting or harming local culture or climate or damaging the ecology of that region. Preserving the natural luxuries, forest life and saving the environment around us is what the eco tourism all about.
Eco travel is a new concept of traveling, typically defined as travel to destinations where flora, fauna, natural heritage are main attractions. It also includes to enhance the cultural integrity of the people and also supports the program the minimizes the adverse effect of the traditional tourism on the natural environment. Preservation of cultural, biological and historical resources along with sustainable development are some of the related field of Eco travel. Many well known personalities from different fields have been engaged themselves in formulating and developing ecotourism policies.
In today’s tourism industry eco-tourism is a fast growing industry. Not only in India but it has been getting importance from global market also. While going for an adventurous travel tour like camping, trekking, birding etc we should keep in mind not to create any mishap or disturbance in the life cycle of nature.
Each and every part of India is a collection of eco regions full of natural sightseeing locations. Even the majestic Himalaya alone offer many world famous eco sites, which offer activities like trekking, wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, orchid viewing, glacier viewing, birding, mountain-biking, nature walk and etc.