If you want to make a mark in today’s saturated marketplace, you’ve got to separate your business from the crowd. Savvy marketers are turning to custom banners to give their campaigns a boost. Banners are an easy but effective tool in helping build a long-term promotional campaign. As an added bonus they also integrate well with other kinds of promotional methods to deliver more return on investment for businesses.

It can be tempting to source this kind of task internally (after all, you’ve already got a marketing team, right?), but there’s more to creating a winning banner than meets the eye.

Since promotional companies specialize in handling the advertising needs of businesses, it can be a good decision on your part to hire this kind of agency for your business. Not only will you get good insight and advice for your marketing strategy, but also better content and a stronger banner design with greater appeal to your target audience. Some companies will also make recommendations on materials, placement, even complementary marketing products.

So what should you look for in a promotional company or large-format printer? First and foremost, it should work hard to understand your specific business and recommend solutions to optimize your campaign. After all, you’re not spending money for crowds to simply see the ad—you’re out to earn clients. Plain and simple.

That said, nobody understands your business like you do; you’ve got to be prepared to give some input into your marketing banner too.

When it comes to banners, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Banners can vary dramatically in size, colour and even shape. They can range from small, simple presentations for indoor spaces, to large eye-catching banners suited to outdoor events. Which raises an important point: an effective banner is one that finds that perfect balance of size, colour, content and whitespace. It should be simple yet memorable, like a great logo. No easy feat.

When it comes to banner stands, there’s a lot to consider. You might be surprised by how many variations exist—from the classic configuration to specialty products designed for specific environments and uses. That’s where a trusted printing partner can really help.

Vinyl is a popular choice of banner material, as it’s stable, flexible and durable. It’s also versatile and can accommodate a wide variety of uses.

The design of your banner will play a major role in determining the effectiveness of the campaign. In other words: its ability to grab people’s attention (in a positive way, of course). Customization, then, should be based on your business’s requirements, and not just what you’ve seen from competitors or in other settings.

Remember that your audience’s attention is divided (between their phone, billboards, even bus ads), so it’s important to distill your message down to its simplest, purest form. Graphically, bolder isn’t always better; there’s something to be said for understated design and good use of white space.

But ultimately the banner should capture the essence of your brand and support your marketing goals. Consider that a well-executed banner can make your trade show booth look like a custom trade show exhibit.

So should you hire a promotional company to design your banner? Not necessarily. If you’ve got the experience and creativity, or if you want your business’s marketing campaign to have that personal touch, you could always design the banner yourself on your computer.

It might be complicated initially, but with the right design program (and specs) you can create an attractive, eye-catching banner. Once satisfied with the design, send it off to the banner production company to handle the printing aspect, to ensure you’re getting a high-quality banner in the end.

With your banner complete, you’re ready to start building brand awareness and separate your business from the crowd.