Facebook Said to Face EU Sanctions for Not Complying With Consumer RulesOnline platforms are under strain in Europe due to their dominance and anti-competitive industry practices, which have led to hefty fines handed down to businesses. Privacy and customer concerns have also aggravated the situation.

Seven months after Europe’s Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova advised Facebook and other technology companies to bring their consumer terms in line with EU consumer legislation, the social media giant has yet to tackle all of her worries, the sources stated.

“There’s only small progress and this was going on for a long time,” the sources said.

Jourova had previously voiced concerns about the firms’ liability and how users are educated about content removal or contract terminations.

Consumer protection authorities across the 28-country bloc, which requested the changes last year, have the ability to find the companies for violating EU rules.

Facebook has previously said it worked with the EU government to amend its provisions and guarantee greater transparency.

Three weeks after being told to revise its stipulations, Airbnb has made the required changes, the sources said.

“This is good news for consumers who’ll benefit for example from more transparency on costs, so they can compare supplies up front,” the sources said.

The European Commission had told Airbnb to state whether an accommodation is offered by a private individual or a professional, provide details of prices in a clear manner and provide fairer terms to customers.

Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, Airbnb matches individuals wishing to rent out part or all of the homes to temporary guests, via a website.