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Counselors provide assistance and guidance to their clients during times of crisis and difficult situations. Christian counselors do this by using their beliefs to provide faith based counseling. If you have a calling to help heal and better the lives of others, it is important to know the steps on how to become a Christian counselor.
The first and foremost step to be coming a Christian counselor comes from within you. You must be dedicated to your beliefs and faith. People choose Christian counselors because they want to obtain advice from a biblical, as well as practical perspective. You must also have a deep compassion for others. This is a ministry not simply a job.
Similar to non-secular counselors, you must attend some sort of college or university program. Ensure that the program you choose is accredited. Unfortunately, many bible colleges are not. Programs consist of a mixture of counseling, psychology, and faith based classes. There are bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs available.
Some programs do not require internships. However, you can gain some of this useful perspective by volunteering at a local church, youth center, or elderly community. You can also join a professional association of Christian counselors. These are located around the country.
Becoming a this type of counselor is a very noble and rewarding profession. People will always need someone to talk to and obtain guidance from. Using your faith and beliefs, you can provide them with the advice they need, while using the faith that they draw strength from.