It now lets users create the computer keyboard float and move it on the screen. Together with the floating keyboard feature, tapping the Gboard’s G icon will fetch you the new Floating option. To remember, an APK teardown of the last version of this app in September had discovered it to be preparing to deliver the new floating keyboard alongside a lot of new features. It now appears to be available for most Android users. Meanwhile, an APK teardown of the most recent Gboard app variant has separately hinted at a couple of upcoming features. For now, there isn’t any information about if this operation will strike Gboard to get iOS, if at all. Image result for Gboard 7.6 for Android Gets Floating Keyboard FeatureSimilar to the SwiftKey floating keyboard, users will then be able to move the Gboard around after undocking it. The floating keyboard can be placed anywhere on the display and may be resized or even employed for swipe typing. Further, tap the brand new Floating option. Now, you’ll be able to drag the keyboard around by dragging and tapping it. Notably, to dock the Gboard back to its original location and size, drag it to the bottom of the display. Interestingly, on leaving the keyboard untouched, it turns translucent and reveals the program behind it.

It’s worth noting that the Gboard’s changelog on the Google Play Store does not mention that the floating keyboard feature, but Carrquest managed to access it on some handsets. If you’re still not getting the choice yet, be constantly aware that Google may roll it out to Android devices shortly. The report claims there are 47 improvements to this record, such as those inserted in previous releases.

Meanwhile, version 7.6 of all Gboard has shown a range of features are under development. People at Android Police have decompiled the APK to view several lines of code that hint at possible forthcoming features. It hints at upcoming Halloween GIFs along with new languages. The report claims that Gboard will be including a category for Halloween GIFs before the festival.

You can download the APK file of the latest program (v7.6.7.213180289-beta) from APK Mirror to experience the new Gboard app features. Meanwhile, there isn’t any certainty on when we can see the attributes uncovered via the APK teardown.