Google Lens With Revamped UI, New Food and Dining Related Features Starts Rolling Out

The updated version of Google Lens is now rolling out for a little group of replacements and users the slide-up menu with five buttons on the home display. Additionally, the dining-related features announced at Google I/0 2019 have finally arrived, allowing users split the invoice, watch a recipe in action, read reviews by just pointing the camera at an object on the menu, and also do a lot more.

The revamped version of Google Lens using the new dining and food related-features is reportedly accessible only for Pixel phones running the most recent beta build of the Google program (v9.91), but it is not available widely to all users, 9to5Google reports. The report adds that consumers running the latest Google program beta can see the revamped Google Lens from the Google Photos program too.

Starting with the modifications arriving using the new version of Google Lens, the slide-up menu for accessing tools such as Copy Scan and Text Code has gone in favour of five round on-screen screen buttons. The very first one is a translate button that can overlay the interpreted text from the user’s preferred language. The second button is text, which like the Copy Text attribute, enables users to copy text composed on a surface by just pointing the camera at it.

The Auto button is to the vanilla picture recognition process, while the purchasing button opens the mode where users can point at an item to confirm its availability on online sales platforms. The final one is the dining mode (seen below) that includes features like the ability to highlight popular dishes of a restaurant by simply pointing the camera on the menu.

Users may also have the ability to tap the dish to see what it appears in real life, while also allowing them to read testimonials of a particular delicacy. Google Lens will even let users divide the bill, calculate tips, and get a comprehensive animated guide on making a dish from pointing at it on pages in a magazine from a spouse book.