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It’s very simple to use and has detailed traffic information along with navigation. With Google Maps, an individual can type at the destination and get navigation instructions alongside the time of arrival at the destination. Nevertheless, not all locations are searchable to the app and there are instances when we needed to copy the address and then paste it into the search bar at the Maps app. With the latest changes, Google is making it easier to copy-paste addresses.

With the most recent change, users that have copied a speech to the clipboard will have the ability to see an choice to search for it straight. This alternative is available only above the Home and Function shortcuts that already appear in the app. With this attribute, you’ll have the ability to save a few clicks and a few seconds to search for a place. This feature will only work when you have an address copied in the clipboard and you also open the Google Maps app.

Folks over at XDA Developers spotted this shift first which seems to be a server-side switch. This is expected to be on many smartphones and we did try it out on our Google Pixel 3 smartphone, and discovered it to work. We tried it on an Apple iPhone XR however it didn’t indicate the copied address. While both of these features aren’t revolutionary, they do help speed up things.