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For any kind of business to grow, strong and effective management is required. If this would not be there, the company has to face severe consequences. The working team of a company finds that place uncomfortable and insecure and probably looks forward to leave. Weak management is also a serious threat for clients attached to the company. They could suffer a lot if something goes wrong.
Management is broadly divided into six categories- Human resource, operations, strategic, marketing, financial and information technology management. Weakness in any area of management could be problematic for an organization. Human resource management looks after the working staff, recruit and train new workers. Operational management concerned with the operations to produce output for a company. Strategic management takes all the important decisions, decide the policies and prepare the plans for the company. Marketing management prepares the marketing strategies and financial management concerned with the financial issues of the company. Information technology management is not available in all types of organization. Its work is to implement and maintain new technology to the business.
There are several signs of weak management. If you find that in a problem, everyone blames others to prove themselves good and don’t bother about the solution, you can definitely say the company is in a big trouble. Also in that situation, a manager asks everyone for their success record to divert everybody’s attention from him. Another sign is that everyone suggests other multiple strategies but when it comes on them, they probably quit. Weak managers are those who take part in those tasks where success is assured and refuse those tasks where any kind of risk is involved.