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If you are responsible for managing a kitchen, warehouse or other facility where inventory tends to sprout legs and walk away then you’ll be interested in this affordable solution. Pairing up a couple of inexpensive monitors and a DVI splitter over Cat5e/Cat6 cable will help you manage your losses by implementing a surveillance system. This is the time of year when electronics and appliance dealers cut prices in hopes of moving inventory off of shelves. If you’ve been frustrated because of stolen goods from your inventory, then you should consider setting up surveillance stations and monitors for monitoring storage areas.
A Cat5 DVI splitter is used to connect the monitors to the surveillance computer station. Surveillance cameras are pretty affordable and now that dealers are slashing prices, you can pick up monitors, surveillance cameras and other equipment. You can have cameras installed in a kitchen walk-in coolers and freezers and then place a display in your management area and another in the supervisor’s area. This allows you to watch what is going in and out of the coolers. Sounds like a good idea, but your office areas are hundreds of feet away from the kitchen area.
How does all this connect? Great question. You are probably wondering how a monitor can be hundreds of feet away from the control station. That’s where the DVI splitter over Cat5e/Cat6 cable comes in to play. This device transmits a digital single link signal up to 300ft to 2 display units. The connecting mechanism is the same network cable you use for your local area network, UTP or STP Cat5e/6 cabling. This DVI over Cat5 splitter extender maintains perfect image quality and video resolutions (1900 x1200). Use this DVI splitter’s local DVI port to connect a local monitor right next your DVI source, your surveillance computer. The other port connects to the monitor in the supervisor’s station. Once everything is connected you’ll see the images captured by the camera in the refrigeration unit displayed on both monitors simultaneously. If needed, there are options for recording the activity too.
When evaluating these digital splitters look for the following features:
• DVI Splitter Extender unit has a remote and local DVI Monitor Port (supports 2 monitors)
• Extend DVI video signal up to 300ft over Cat5/5e/6/7 cable
• Simple plug and play functionality
• FCC, CE and RoHS Certification
• Video Amplifier Bandwidth 1.65GHz
• Distance and Resolution: o 1920×1200 (35 meters); o 1280×1024 (60 meters); o 1024×768 (70 meters); o 800×600 (100 meters)
• Compact enclosure
• Power Consumption – DC5V, 800mA
Note: You will need to provide a power source to plug in both the Cat6 DVI splitter transmitter and receivers.