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If you have bad credit or no credit, you may have noticed that most banks will not approve you for any type of loan. So if you tried to apply for a car loan, you may be rejected. Some people’s credit situation is so bad that they may feel stuck and that there’s nothing they can do about it. Believe it or not, many people might be able to dramatically improve their credit; it just takes one step at a time.
1. Pay Your Bills On Time – This may sound obvious, but it’s extremely important. And, when you can’t pay a bill in full, be sure to contact the company you owe! Most companies want to hear from you and will provide options based on your circumstances. Regularly paying your bills on time may result in a better credit score. By consistently paying your utility bill, your credit card bill, etc., you are demonstrating that you can be trusted. Therefore, your credit score may improve.
2. Get a Car – Since most banks and traditional car dealerships will not finance a loan for you as a result of your poor credit, try shopping at an on the spot financing dealership. These dealerships provide the vehicle and the auto financing to people who have little or no credit. So if you think you can’t get a car because of your low credit score, think again.
3. Responsibility – If you get a vehicle from an on the spot financing dealership, you may have the opportunity to raise your credit score; and that’s what this is all for – rebuilding your credit so you can have a brighter future. As long as you consistently make your car payments on time, avoid missing payments, and even pay your vehicle off early, you may be able to rebuild your credit. Certain on the spot financing dealerships report your responsible financial behavior to credit bureaus, and the bureaus raise your credit score once they’ve seen how responsible you’ve been. So every time you make a payment on time, you could be improving your credit. But do your research, because not every on the spot financing dealership reports to credit bureaus, so you should only shop at dealerships that report all your payments. Just ask!
If you maintain this responsible behavior long enough, you could have a credit future that’s a lot brighter and get approved for large loans for your new home, or a brand new vehicle from traditional car dealerships.