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If you have ever thought of experiencing the mystic beauty of hills, exotic beauty of the beaches, cascading beauty of the rivers and the thrill of the jungles, India travel is the perfect option for you. Tourist places of India offer a lot of variety to serve the taste of tourists of all types. Moreover, holidays in India are perfect blend of excitement and leisure. Be it historical tours of India or the leisure tours, India holiday is embedded with all.
India is a land of colors. This is one of those places which will provide you an experience of fast city life as well as the blissful experience of backwaters. The country is full of diversities, be it cultural or climatic. India travel will let you experience the golden beauty of desert along with the calmness of Kerala Backwater. If you are fond of the heavenly beauty of hills then also India tours will serve your purpose. In fact, the mountaineering tours in the various hill stations of India are perfect for adventurous souls.
Tourists fond of beaches have a plenty to select from as there are plenty of beaches in India. However, Goa always has an upper hand in terms of beaches. Goa offers both isolated beaches as well as beaches that bustle with activities. Some of the cities like Mumbai and Chennai are also located on sea side. These cities also posses a number of beautiful beaches.
Travel to India also offers a number of other attractions. The rich wildlife of the country is a major draw for the tourists. In fact, India wildlife tours are packed with excitement as these tours offer the rare sight of some of the majestic animals in this part of the world.
India also has a rich history. The presence of a number of majestic forts and palaces in various parts of the country bears the evidence of the rich history. Rajasthan is the best place to visit in order to witness the marvelous architecture of these palaces. The forts and palaces tour of Rajasthan will provide a close look of these majestic structures. Tourists not only get the mesmerizing view of these palaces but also gain a lot of knowledge about the rich history of the place.
Traveling to the southern most part of the country is also a must for tourists during India travel. Places like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Daman & Diu are must visits in this part of the country. These places support a number of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, carting and a number of other sports.
India is also a place which hosts a number of festivals. These festivals portray the rich tradition of the country. Some of the festivals feature a number of cultural programs that reflect the local culture of the place. The folk dances and folk songs performed in these festivals give you a true feel of the rural India.
India travel has caught the frenzy of travelers through out the world. They get a memorable experience during India tours. The presence of a number of world class hotels in India also makes sure that visitors enjoy a comfortable accommodation during India tours. The skyrocketing popularity of India tours have resulted to a number of attractive India travel packages. These tour packages are embedded with best of facilities for the tourists.
Transportation in this country has also achieved world standards. In The Indian luxury trains can give any luxury trains in the world a run for its money. This makes sure that tourists enjoy a luxurious experience even when they are traveling from one part of the country.
The rise of medical tourism in India is also one of the factors that have led to the rising popularity of India travel. The cost comparison reveals the fact that India is one of the viable places to avail top class medical treatments within an affordable cost.
India is also considered to be the place for availing the best quality ayurveda treatment. There are also a number of spa and ayurveda tours available to cater to the needs of the travelers. These tours provide a unique experience to the tourists as they get the best quality spa and ayurveda treatments in this country.