Instagram Adds Verified Accounts to 'Stop Bad Actors'Instagram on Tuesday set out to thwart duplicity with an option to authenticate high-profile Reports in the Facebook-Possessed image or Movie sharing social Media.

Blue records displayed at Instagram accounts will signify holders have gone through a confirmation procedure that includes providing photographs of identity documentation, according to chief technology officer Mike Krieger.

“Keeping people with bad intentions off our platform is extremely important to me,” Krieger said in an internet post.

“That means trying to be certain that the people that you follow along with the accounts you interact with are who they say they are, and quitting bad actors before they cause harm.”

The long-awaited feature comes as Facebook battles to protect against the social media or its own messaging programs from being taken advantage of by people out to spread misinformation.

Verification badges are supposed to empower Instagram users to understand when posts actually come from accounts of celebrities, notable public figures, large brands or well-known businesses.

“We will review affirmation requests to validate the validity, uniqueness, completeness and notability of each accounts,” Krieger said.

In coming weeks, profiles of accounts with enormous audiences will start showing more information, like if they have been created, where it’s found, and what advertisements it may be running, according to Instagram.

Instagram at June announced it passed a billion active users, and unveiled a new long-form video feature in a bid to attract”founders” like those on YouTube.

It became the fourth largest Facebook platform to reach on the billion-user mark, including the namesake social media with over two billion users, and the messaging applications WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook obtained Instagram in April 2012 to get a combination of cash and stock worth some $1 billion (roughly Rs. 7,000 crores) at the moment.