It’s not just Hollywood that is legendary in the mecca of Los Angeles. The world-renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the biggest reasons people flock to the west la entertainment capital of the world. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the Walk that most people probably do not know. But now you do!

1. The original concept of the Walk of Fame included not only stars for each celebrity, but also an engraved caricature for each inductee. While the idea seemed grand on paper, it was quickly nixed once real-world logistics came into play.

2. Originally, there were only four categories of fame that could enable one to become immortalized on the Walk of Fame. The categories were Motion Picture, Radio, Music, and Television. However, in 1984, the category of Theater was added and it has remained at five categories ever since.

3. The very first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was given to Stanley Kramer. He was the director of It’s A Mad Mad Mad World along with many other successful films. The star was laid down on March 28th, 1960.

4. There are currently over 2400 stars on the Walk of Fame. Almost half of these belong to famous movie stars and other cinema legends. The celebrity category with the least amount of inductees is Theater with a mere 2%. Though this can, in part, be due to its late induction into the Walk of Fame.

5. It is a requirement that any celebrity who gets a star on the Walk must attend the induction ceremony. The only person to not adhere to these rules was Barbara Streisand in 1976. She did not show for the ceremony so a wily reporter went across the street to the wax museum and interviewed her wax statue instead.

As you can see, there are very fun and unique aspects that West LA has to offer. With something always going on, it is truly a nightlife that cannot be missed. Los Angeles truly is the City of Angels.