iPhone XS Max Catches Fire in US Man's Pocket: Report

A three-week-old iPhone XS Max$103,549 smartphone reportedly caught fire in the rear pocket of Guy from Ohio, United States earlier this month.
The person has been in contact with Apple over the issue however expressed his disappointment over the replacement option given by the company. He is now apparently considering legal treatments for his situation. This is the initial report alleging a fire-related mishap with any one of their organization’s latest-generation iPhones, including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, along with the iPhone XR.
As per a report in iDropNews, someone who wishes to be by J. Hillard claims he had been on his lunch break on December 12 when he detected a strange odor from his iPhone and sensed”large amount of heat” and burning sensation on his skin. He adds that it had been followed by a yellow and green coloured smoke coming from this iPhone XS Max.

“By the time of noticing the fire and involving elimination of the pants and carrying the phone out of my pocket and placing it out, I inhaled a great deal of smoke. Later in the afternoon, the staff told me about the movie the workplace security camera recorded,” Hillard told the iDropNews.

Hillard later the exact same day visited an Apple Store to report the thing, where he was apparently told that the burnt iPhone was needed to be sent to the organization’s engineering team which was the only way he would get a replacement device from the Cupertino-based company. He also claims that he wasn’t offered any compensation because of his clothing and shoes which were destroyed in the episode by the store and even by Apple Care he had contacted after returning unsatisfied from the shop.

Hillard stated that a replacement iPhone isn’t an acceptable remedy for him, and he’s also looking for compensation for his clothes, shoes and the radio support he had no access to throughout the period.

Apple is yet to formally issue any statement concerning the alleged event. We have reached out to Apple for comment on the matter, and will update this space when we hear backagain. The latest incident comes just over a month following an iPhone X reportedly got hot and burst during a software update.