Many college students are unhappy with the way our Senators and Representatives are doing their jobs. However, few students voice their concerns and complaints to those who represent them in Congress. Students may be disinterested or may feel powerless. Neither is good. Every student should participate in the political process and let their Senators and Representatives know what they think about the behavior, performance and results achieved by Congress.

We have given our Senators and Representatives an important job to do. However, they have frequently demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to get the job done on their own.

Therefore, it is time for the American People to come together, loudly voice their common concerns and hold each member of Congress to the standards that were envisioned by our Founding Fathers. That is our right. That is our responsibility.
Regardless of who becomes President, we cannot afford to stand by and take no action when the members of our House and Senate stumble, bumble, fight among themselves and wallow in the mud

We want our members of Congress to stand for something great. However, instead of solving the problems of Our Country and restoring our confidence, they disappoint us at nearly every turn. If the members of Congress cannot work together to pass four or five pieces of legislation (each year) that can effectively address the issues that will keep Our Country strong, they do not deserve to remain in office.

People from the corporate world are used to having their performance regularly evaluated. The same should be true of Congress. We must find out exactly what our politicians are thinking and what they are trying to accomplish with regard to the issues that concern the future of our country. Concerned students can and should make their voices heard in a variety of ways:

– Telephone calls, Letters and E-mail messages to members of Congress – Peaceful protest marches that can be covered by the Media – Vote for those doing the best jobs and against those who are not – Ask Representatives and Senators to complete and publish “The Uniform
Self-Evaluation and Disclosure Form For Members of Congress” (This form can be found on the Internet.)

– Letters to the Editors of Newspapers – Start a Blog to discuss the issues

– Call and participate in Political Radio Broadcasts – Run for office and make a personal difference

Only when our Senators and Representatives know what we expect of them and understand that they will be held to the highest standards of performance (including the completion of The “Self-Evaluation and Disclosure” form), will we see a new level of performance from them. We do not need Senators and Representatives who only serve their political parties and pursue their need for power and personal gain. We need Senators and Representatives who give their all for the American People and work hard to ensure the safety, prosperity and strength of Our People and Our Country.

Since college students represent the next generation of citizens and politicians, they must get involved with the political process. They can help raise the bar both as the voice of the people and as the politicians who will carry out the wishes of the people. These are both important jobs. Each student must fill at least one of these needs.

Together, the American People can begin to hold our members of Congress accountable for their words, actions, performance and results. If enough people (students included) are willing to take action, our Senators and Representatives will have no choice but to pay closer attention to their performance and the issues that concern us all. It is time to change the game. Make your voice heard, so you can make a difference.