The Gurugram-based company is set to establish as many as eight fridge versions and 16 washing machine versions along with ten versions of air conditioners and also eight versions of air jets. The first selection of semi automatic Micromax washing machines and direct-cool refrigerators are anticipated to arrive from the nation sometime after this month.Image result for Micromax Forays Into Refrigerator, Washing Machine Segments in IndiaWith a goal to reach Rs. 2,000 crores earnings by 2020, Micromax is targeting into its consumer electronics segment to get 30 percent share of its general earnings by March 2019. Especially for the fridge and washing machine class, the company is aiming for just three percent of market share from the very first year, 5 percent at the next year, and seven per cent in the next year.

“Two decades ago, we declared our vision for a top consumer electronics manufacturer by minding the product portfolio and moving to non-mobility segment too. In the previous two decades, we’ve been working towards democratising technologies and bringing best of products at a reasonable price point. Together with our new class and growth of our present products, we’re working towards becoming a top consumer electronics and are extremely confident that 2018 is going to be a milestone year for all of us within this segment,” stated Rajesh Agarwal, co-founder, Micromax Informatics, at a media statement.

Micromax has established dedicated service centers and a distinctive customer service program in the brand new product segments. What’s more, the company is likely to set a powerful distribution channel “spread throughout the length and breadth” of the nation.

In the previous two to three decades, Micromax has spent around Rs. 300 crores and can be set to spend around extra Rs. 200 crores in another few years.