Microsoft Acquires Conversational AI, Bot Development Firm XoxcoTexas-based Xoxco was paving the way in conversational AI since 2013 and was responsible for its production of Howdy, the first commercially available bot for Slack which helps schedule meetings.

“Additionally, it developed Botkit that provides the development tools used by hundreds of thousands of programmers on GitHub. Through the Years, We’ve partnered with Xoxco and have been inspired by this work,” said Lili Cheng, Corporate Vice President, Conversational AI at Microsoft on Thursday.

Conversational AI is rapidly becoming a means in which businesses engage with employees and customers — by creating virtual assistants and redesigning customer connections to utilizing conversational assistants to assist employees communicate and work better together.

According to Gartner,”by 2020, conversational artificial intelligence will be a verified user experience for over 50 percent of large, consumer-centric ventures”.

“With this acquisition, we are continuing to realise our strategy of democratising AI development, conversation and conversation, and incorporating conversational experiences where folks communicate,” said Cheng.

Within the previous six months, Microsoft has made several strategic acquisitions to accelerate the speed of AI development.

The purchase of Semantic Machines in May attracted a revolutionary new approach to conversational AI.

In July, it acquired Bonsai to help lessen the obstacles to AI growth by blending machine teaching, reinforcement learning and simulation.

Back in September, Microsoft acquired Lobe, a company which has made a simple visual interface enabling everyone to develop and employ deep learning and AI models quickly, without writing code.

“The acquisition of GitHub in October shows our belief in the power of communities to help fuel the next wave of bot growth,” Microsoft explained.