Microsoft Says Hackers Had Access to Some Accounts for 3 Months

Coming to terms with a hacking and Information breach case, Microsoft is reaching out to some users Telling them of an hack which exposed Information sent over emails to hackers That Retained accessing their Account between January 1 to March 28.

In an email being sent to affected customers, Microsoft asserts that besides the content of the emails including attachments, the hackers could have possibly seen accounts email addresses, folder names and subject lines of the emails sent and received, The Verge reported on Saturday.

“Our information suggests that account-related information (but not the content of any e-mails) could have been viewed, but Microsoft does not have any indication why that data was seen or how it may have been used,” the report quoted the company as stating in its email.

The situation came into notice when the software giant found that credentials using a service agent were compromised for its Web mail service which resulted in unauthorised access into some reports.

“We addressed this scheme, which influenced a restricted subset of customer accounts, by minding the compromised credentials and obstructing the perpetrators’ access,” the report quoted a Microsoft spokesperson as saying.

Though the software giant ensures no login details or other personal information were stolen by the hackers, the company is advocating that influenced users reset their passwords.

“Please be certain that Microsoft takes data protection very seriously and has participated its internal safety and privacy teams at the evaluation and resolution of the issue, in addition to additional avoidance of systems and processes to prevent such recurrence,” the email provides.

As of this moment, it stays undisclosed how many users were affected by the breach.