Microsoft to Launch Webcams for Windows 10, Xbox One With Facial Recognition: Report

It is being now rumoured that Microsoft is planning new cameras, among which might work with both the Xbox One$ 4,599 gaming console in addition to some Windows 10 PC. Why is this interesting is that these cameras can add Windows Hello authentication to Microsoft apparatus past the Surface product range.
A report on Thurrott states that this advice comes from two distinct sources, and these 4K-capable cameras could hit the market in 2019. Among those USB Type-C cameras is supposed to bring the much desired Windows Hello functionality to any Windows 10 PC.

Xbox One could recover the Kinect attribute of authenticating users through facial recognition. Users will then be able to sign in simply by moving in front of the camera. This may work for several users as well, making it easier for other players to join in on a single console.

The report further adds that this might be tied to Microsoft’s Surface Hub two , and may ship around precisely the exact same time as Microsoft’s new seminar room display. The gadget comes with multiple USB interfaces, enabling it to link to more than one camera at one time, which could be one of the chief purposes of their new cameras.

This is not the first we’re hearing about Microsoft’s new webcams, however, as we’d previously reportedabout Surface chief Panos Panay hinting about the USB Type-C webcams along with a modular PC which works similarly to the Microsoft Surface Hub 2, a couple of months ago.