US space agency NASA is planning to start Its Own Attempt to Reestablish communication with the Mars rover Opportunity.NASA Plans 45-Day Effort to Get Its Mars Rover Back

In a recent statement, NASA said it would begin a 45-day campaign of active efforts to restore communications with Opportunity once heavens over the rover stuck to a sufficient level, Xinhua reported.

The rover has been out of contact since early June, when a major dust storm deprived the rover of solar energy and the storm is fading.

“The dust haze made by the Martian global dust storm of 2018 is one of the very extensive on record, but all signs are it’s finally coming to a close,” said Rich Zurek, project scientist for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Zurek said in the announcement that there was no signs of dust storms over 3,000 km of Opportunity”for some time.”

John Callas, Opportunity job manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a statement that”assuming we hear back from Opportunity, we’ll start the process of its own standing and bringing it back on line.”

But, NASA’s strategy attracted criticism since it restricted the active area of the retrieval to 45 days.

Callas reported that if Opportunity didn’t respond to communications efforts then 45-day campaign, it likely meant the spacecraft had endured a mission-ending malfunction.

“We will keep trying to get our Martian friend back online. We will not give up on #Oppy even after the 45 days of plan we’ve set in position!”