NBCUniversal to Launch Streaming Service in 2020

NBCUniversal will launch a streaming media service in early 2020 below a pricing model that seeks to mollify Conventional pay TV providers while going after a Marketplace dominated by Netflix and Amazon.com.

The advertising-supported service, announced on Monday, will be available free of expense to NBCUniversal’s pay TV subscribers in the United States and eventually across the globe.

As consumers are increasingly decreasing their pay TV subscriptions, NBC’s decision to supply its support free for satellite and cable TV customers makes the new offering of a danger to those providers. Other traditional media companies plan to launch services which will charge another monthly fee.

An ad-free variant of the NBC service will be available for roughly the same cost as other subscription video services, according to a person familiar with the plans. Services like Hulu and Netflix range between $8 to approximately $14 (approximately Rs. 570 to Rs. 990) per month. Non-pay TV clients can buy a subscription to the service, the media company said.

Customers of Comcast, and Sky, which is controlled by Comcast, will provide the support to their 52 million global subscribers, possibly making it the largest of the streaming solutions when it launches next year.

Apple can also be planning to announce a TV service, which will include the reselling of different networks and originally produced content some time this year.

NBC said it is hoping to generate about $5 per user from advertising revenue. It plans to air between three to five minutes of advertisements per hour.

Unlike other solutions, NBC also plans to give live sports and news from its own networks which could be an edge in 2020 as it will broadcast the Olympics, the source stated.