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Why do we have what might appear to be unnecessary repetition in the Bible? When that question was posed to me I thought it a most significant and interesting query! Over the years I have noticed repetition but never unnecessary repetition!
There are times when Almighty God wants to say something to us more than once. Have you never had to say something to your children more than once to have them understand or even do what you have been saying?
In the four Gospels we have various truths repeated as we read of the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, although John writes in a very different style with a slightly different aim and goal and in John, we have quite a lot of unique material. Because of sin we can be slow to understand or quick to forget!
Almighty God had these writers repeat basic and fundamental truths because he wanted various important matters emphasised and underlined. We can have the same physical food more than once in a month and that is not because there is nothing else to choose.
We are also being reminded that as we read and study and serve in practical ways we have to make time to speak and sing and always be in that situation where we can give thanks.
Giving thanks is such a vital aspect in the life of the disciple of Jesus Christ.
When we read the Bible it is so much more easily understood when we have a profound relationship with the Author.
There is another important aspect here that we so need to learn and understand. It is God the Holy Spirit Who applies the Word to our lives and to our hearts and Who make it come so alive and real and relevant and appropriate. The Holy Spirit opens up the Word to us and then it is our task to open up and explain the Word of God to others, having read it ourselves.
For over fifty five years now I have read part of the Word of God every day. Having been a reader and a student of the Scriptures and having accepted their light and direction and guidance, I can testify to the truth that they have saved me from years of heartache and from much stupidity and unwise decisions. How many arguments have I managed to avoid simply because the Word of God has taught me how to control my tongue and what I say.
When Peter was with Jesus Christ, Peter knew who Jesus was because God the Father revealed that truth. When we are with the Word of God and in the Word of God we receive revelation and understanding and a degree of wisdom which can be found nowhere else.
When a man is led by the Holy Spirit he will always be led into all truth. There is no other way that God the Holy Spirit would lead a man.
Get into the Word of God and plumb its depths and enjoy its riches and treasures. All this is to be found in Christ Jesus, the risen and living and ascended and reigning and ruling Saviour and Lord.
I have never met a man who has been led by the Word of God who has later lived to regret it.
Sandy Shaw