Google made a big noise about the Pixel Visual Core co-processor within the Pixel 2 smartphones during its hardware occasion this past year. But it simply laid dormant awaiting a command to deliver it life and chomp through trillions of calculations, to deliver better photographs.Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Image: tech2/Rehan Hooda

A new update on the Google Blog, has announced that a new software upgrade, which is now rolling out to both the Pixel two and 2 XL smartphones, will enable the Pixel Visual Core co-processor.

According to our comprehensive review of this Google Pixel two, the Pixel Visual Core was designed to (drastically) improve image quality for third-party programs that let you take photos.

Until now, the HDR+ goodness was limited to the Pixel 2’s default Camera app. Third-party apps (like WhatsApp’s camera), which you used to click photographs couldn’t take advantage of those Google smarts to deliver better quality imagery.

Pictures clicked together with the power of HDR+ and the Pixel Visual Core reveal a radical improvement in image quality. Google

Together with the Pixel Visual Core empowered, owners of the Pixel 2 will now have the ability to use the ability of computational photography and machine learning (substance that powers HDR+ on the default Camera app) to drastically improve photo quality when clicking utilizing programs like Instagram, WhatsApp, along with Snapchat.

And it’s not just restricted to the aforementioned programs as others which have been utilizing the Pixel 2’s default camera app, will even see brighter, clearer and more detailed pictures.Photos clicked using the power of HDR+ and the Pixel Visual Core show a drastic improvement in image quality. Google

But there is more.

The Pixel Visual Core will is now able to attract the power of the HDR+ imaging to third-party programs like WhatsApp, Instagram and much more. Google

HDR+ apart, the Visual Core will also enables you to click more and more comprehensive zoomed-in shots with its RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution) algorithm. Then there’s Zero Shutter Lag which lets you catch the ideal framework upon tapping the camera with minimum delay.

The updates are rolling out over the upcoming few days and may come with other Pixel software improvements as well. Therefore, if you find the notification for an upgrade in your Pixel, we advise that you download it straight away!