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North East India is the eastern most part of Himalayan region in the north eastern part of India. It has been connected to the rest part of India by hardly 20 kilometers of land and the border of the north east India is shared by the border of Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. This region includes the following states:


Arunachal Pradesh







Assam Tea Garden:
Assam is popular in all around the world for the refreshing and malty tea producing state of India. The Assam Tea is long and black in color which has been consumed by the people as the health drink and and the medicine by the tribes. The wild forest with the beautiful tea gardens gives the beautiful views to the people. The silent green Assam tea garden is located at the upper Assam and southern Barak valley region.
The region is also rich in the wildlife with the home to the most of the endangered species. The sanctuaries like:

Kaziranga National Park: Kaziranga National Park has been listed under the World Heritage Sites and is the only reserve for the rhinoceros which is the natural habitat.

Namdapha Sanctuary: It has been spread over the area of the 1985 square kilometers and is the largest National Park in the northeastern region of India.

Manas National Park: Manas National Park has been located in Assam and is in the foothills of Himalayas which continues to the international border of Bhutan.

Hill Satations:
Hill Stations are such place where the traveler goes and looks for the change from the monotonous lifestyle. It gives the marvelous view which is enjoyed by the travelers. Some of the famous Hill Stations of the north eastern India are as under:

Along (Arunachal Pradesh): The place is the headquarter of the West Siang district of the Arunachal Pradesh and is located at the altitude of the 300 meters from the sea level. It is considered to be the most ideal place to spend the hot summers.

Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh): It is the oldest town that is located in the Arunachal Pradesh and is established in the year 1911. At present the place is the headquarter of the East Siang district.

Haflong (Assam): It has been located at the height of the 680 kilometers from the sea level. It is famous for the scenic beauty of the blue hills and green rivers.

Adventure in North East India: The Adventure sports rejuvenates the energy and enthusiasm in the body. There are mostly three adventure sports that is done in the North East India:
Trekking: Trekking in the northeast India proves the energy and wilder attitude of the person. The major trekking routes includes all the seven states of the north eastern part of the country. For the people who love the adventure north east India offers all the options that would match the dimensions of the world.
Mountaineering: The mountains of the north east India tempts the adventure lovers for the mountaineering. The beauty of mountains and the lush green valleys looks such a beautiful that gives the everlasting appeal for those who ventures in the region.
White Water Rafting: One of the most prime attraction of the North East India is the White Water Rafting. The White Water Rafting is experienced at the Brahmaputra river which passes through the Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.