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The latest addition to the Xbox 360 family is the new and improved Xbox 360 Slim. The most notable features of this console are the slimline design, quieter fan, bigger hard drive and built in WiFi. In my opinion these features were really needed to improve the older models of the Xbox. I decided to order Xbox 360 to test and see whether the new features made a difference and I’m glad to report that they did.
First of all the fan is a lot quieter. Often my console used to sound like a jet engine when I would watch a film or play a game. This is now not noticeable on the new Xbox console. If your order Xbox 360 just for this reason alone it will probably be worth the money that you spend!
The built in WiFi is a huge benefit as prior to the release of this console the only way to have WiFi functionality was to buy an expensive adapter which never seemed to come down in price. This annoyed me that I had to pay more money to play online. Luckily the WiFi is now built into the console meaning you can access the internet right away straight from the box.
The design is really nice on this model of the Xbox. It fits nicely on my TV stand without taking up too much space, so I can easily have my cable box in the same is worth shopping around if you are going to order Xbox 360. This can be a time consuming process so it is recommended that you find a good price comparison site. In summary the new console is definitely worth buying. You really will benefit from the enhanced experience that Microsoft are aiming to achieve when you order Xbox 360.