Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event Brings Double XP, Shiny Spoink, Lucky Pokemon, and More

The New Year has begun in real life and in Pokemon Move — the augmented reality game developed Niantic, that will be backed by Google, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company. Certain types of Pokemon will spawn more frequently in Pokemon Go. We are going into the Year of the Pig according to the Chinese calendar which has its effect in Pokemon Proceed as well. The Lunar New Year event in Pokemon Move means you will be able to grab 12 Pokemon in the wild. One of these is Spoink, the Pokemon that resembles a pig, and the programmers say that there is a greater probability of encountering a Shiny Spoink in the wild also.

Shiny Pokemon are just like regular Pokemon, except they have another colour. Catching these is difficult because Shiny Pokemon are amazingly rare.

Eagle-eyed Pokemon Go players would’ve spotted these Pokemon correspond to the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Since we are entering the Year of the Pig Based on the Chinese calendar, Spoink is your Pokemon that is in the spotlight throughout the Lunar New Year Event at Pokemon Go.

You’ll Also earn double the Quantity of XP for grabbing and evolving Pokemon during the Lunar New Year Event in Pokemon Go. You’ll also have a greater chance of your Pokemon becoming a Lucky Pokemon when you trade it.