PUBG Mobile Update Brings Graphics Quality Fix Before Vikendi Snow Map Release

However, before you’re able to download and play Vikendi, Tencent will release a new PUBG Mobile update to fix problems users have had with the game since 0.10.0 hit such as a bug that reset graphics quality to default restarting the game and yet another that had left channel audio louder than the ideal station when players were running from the proper. This new upgrade is going live in an hour and Tencent recommends that gamers restart the sport to apply the fixes. Arriving hours prior to Vikendi guarantees that everyone has enough time to get these significant changes as well as download Vikendi when it is available.
PUBG Mobile upgrade hotfix notes
Fixed a bug where the’Ultra‘ frame rate setting in HD mode was not available on iPad 2018.
Fixed a settlement detection bug on iPad Pro 12.9″.
Fixed a bug where some devices had reduced graphics quality.
Fixed a bug in which the noise in left channel is louder than the right station when a second player is running towards you by the right side.
If you haven’t updated to PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 you need to, and follow it up with the aforementioned patch also as there’s more to it outside Vikendi. Together with the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update comes a reporting system allowing players to report suspicious behavior while spectating a match on death. Cross-server matchmaking was added too. When enabled players have a opportunity to be paired with those of the identical tier on different servers. Upgrade is the Firearms Finish Upgrade System. This allows players update weapon endings to get new kill effects, broadcasts, and passing crate appearances.

PUBG Mobile may be the first model of PUBG to get Vikendi outside of PUBG public test servers, where it is playable for PC users. The PUBG Vikendi snow map is now reside at PUBG PC PTS or Public Test Server as it’s known. Therefore, if you bought PUBG on PC, you can check out Vikendi before it is offered in the primary game. While no date has been awarded for Vikendi to get PUBG Xbox One and PS4, it is safe to say that it would be accessible shortly considering it was added to the PUBG PS4 PTS.

Coming back into the smartphone edition of the game, Tencent said in a statement that PUBG Mobile now has 30 million daily active users and has reach 200 million downloads. This number excludes China and only highlights how hot PUBG Mobile is across the world. The sport has a massive player base in India and a number of other markets, and also the simple fact that PUBG Mobile runs smoothly on even low-end Android apparatus has definitely boosted its popularity. On the other hand, the 200 million downloads variety doesn’t paint an accurate picture of the number of people play the sport. The daily active users is that a metric people must look at to gauge PUBG Mobile’s popularity and even that amount is very significant.