PUBG PS4 Was Sony's Best-Selling Game in December

PUBG Mobile may be the most popular version of the battle royale shooter, but it Appears that PUBG PS4 is Performing Very well for itself.

According to Sony, the PUBG Corp-developed game stormed the electronic download charts on the PS Store, which makes it to the top position on the North America PS4. In Europe, it had been new best-selling game too, coming in next to FIFA 19. Case in point: Mortal Kombat XL’s existence on the North America graph while The Sims 4 remains popular in Europe.

Sony’s European listing also shows Fortnite’s DLC popularity with the Summit Striker, Frozen Legends, Deep Freeze Bundle, and Standard Founder’s Package taking the top four spots on the PS4 DLC graph for Europe. There’s no such DLC list for North America though. The top 10 best selling PS4 games for December for the two areas are under.

For what it is worth, we discovered PUBG PS4 to be an interesting beast. One year ago, it might have been revolutionary. At the moment, it is just about competent because of its center of the road pricing and decent frame rate bogged down by poor presentation. Should you own a PS4 and haven’t played with the superlative PUBG Mobile, play that and if you prefer a bigger screen and the PS4 controller, then give PUBG PS4 a try. It is not the best edition of PUBG, but it’ll do.