Reliance Jio Sees Improved Download, Upload Speeds in January: TRAI

According to data published by the MySpeed portal Site of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Reliance Jio 4G download speeds have been on a downward spiral since October, even though it continues to be Far ahead of its competition.

Now, the hottest January data is outside, and it shows that the downward fall has stopped with January numbers marginally better compared to December 2018 numbers. While Reliance Jio is way ahead of its competitors, Vodafone has managed to enhance its download speed numbers also with 6.7Mbps rates in January 2019, compared to 6.3Mbps rates in December 2018. It’s still way under Jio, whose rate is double than its nearest rival Airtel.

The January 2019 numbers on the MySpeed portal implies that the January 2019 average 4G download rate for Reliance Jio was at 18.8Mbps, marginally superior compared to December 2018’s 18.7Mbps 4G download rate. Airtel took the second place with an average 4G download rate of 9.5Mbps (down from 9.8Mbps in December). Vodafone and Idea took the third and fourth ranks with download speeds of 6.7Mbps (up from 6.3Mbps in December) and 5.5Mbps (down from 6.0Mbps in December) respectively.

Typical 4G download speeds (left) and typical 4G upload rates for the month of January 2019Photo Credit:

Reliance Jio’s improved numbers are a welcome, particularly since the download rates have kept on sin because October. The business reached the 22.3Mbps mark in October last year, but there’s still a considerable gulf in regards to recapturing the mark of 25.6Mbps Reliance Jio gained back in 2017.

Idea wins at the typical 4G upload rates race even in January using 5.8Mbps speeds, a sizeable increase from 5.3Mbps in December. Reliance Jio is down at the third sport in regards to upload speeds using an average upload speed of 4.4Mbps for the month of January (up from 4.3Mbps in December). Jio has been on a downfall in upload speeds as well, since October, and minor improvements happen to be seen in 2019. Airtel continues to take the last position with 3.8Mbps (down from 3.9Mbps in December) to precisely the exact same parameter.