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This upgrade causes the users to be locked from their smartphones and they can’t appear to get past the lock screen place the update. Article the update, the Samsung smartphone restarts taking the user to the lock display that needs them to input the pin or routine as confront unlock and the in-display fingerprint scanner is automatically disabled after a fresh boot. As a result of this bug, users are not able to get past the password screen and have reported that the problem on Reddit and on Samsung’s community page.

A Samsung Galaxy S10 user on Verizon took to Reddit to report that their device has locked them out. Presently, the only means of getting beyond the lock display is to do a factory reset. A Samsung user on the Samsung Community webpage who claims to be a Verizon representative proposes entering the incorrect password multiple times to trigger a factory reset. A few users on the Samsung community required their Galaxy S10 device to Verizon for it to reset while a person managed to reset the device with the proposed method.

This technique, though, will wipe the whole smartphone and whatever not backed up will be lost it wasn’t backed up. Samsung will have to think of a more convenient solution to appease users. The Safe Mode takes the passcode and permits you to backup information on the smartphone. The identical user also suggest to set up the Samsung Find My cellular feature since it has a remote unlock function.

The issue appears to be specific to the US and has mostly affected Verizon users. AT&T users are also thought to be affected by this update. The cause of this matter is said to be the June security patch introduced by Verizon and AT&T past week. Samsung Galaxy S10 users are the most affected by this problem while some Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e users also have reported similar issues. We assessed, and didn’t have an issue on our Galaxy S10 unit running the June security patch