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Nowadays everyone wants to be fast and keep a track of what is happening around. People use all possible technologies to keep themselves updated. Technology services like mobile phones, internet, or computers etc are used. Not only adults but children also feel the need to walk along with the new technologies. Children always prefer an interactive session in the class rather than the boring reading sessions every day. With the introduction of new classroom technology in the form of internet, notebook, interactive whiteboards, touchpad’s etc have made children happy to attend their classes regularly.
Children enjoy attending the classes as they get to learn the regular lessons but in an entirely different way. Earlier teachers were against the use of technology in schools. They felt this would make students lazy and technology dependable. But after analysing the results post usage of the classroom technology in the form of interactive whiteboards the teachers found it an excellent tool for teaching as well as learning. The IWB has been a boon to the teaching faculty as it has reduced a lot of stress and workload both for teachers and children.
Teachers also commented that students have become more confident and are concentrating on their studies. Children can now remember their lessons for a longer time due to the visuals present while teaching. Students feel happy to come to school everyday. Teachers also have got to learn something new because of this classroom technology.
Interactive whiteboard is one of the tool that is recommended by all teachers and considered as a must have in all schools and colleges.